Blue Dolphin Inn & Cottages — Information on this website contains the actual local weather in Grand Isle, LA and the monthly average temperature.


Weather — Grand Isle’s Monthly Average Temperature

Month Temp. (min) Temp. (max) Temp. (avg)
January 38°F 74°F 58°F
February 35°F 73°F 60°F
March 39°F 79°F 66°F
April 45°F 84°F 71°F
May 63°F 89°F 77°F
June 72°F 91°F 83°F
July 72°F 92°F 84°F
August 71°F 92°F 84°F
September 71°F 89°F 82°F
October 51°F 87°F 73°F
November 44°F 78°F 64°F
December 33°F 74°F 59°F